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Professional Development for K-12 teachers

Distance & Continuing Education at the University of Florida is pleased to announce the offering of a unique series of 100 professional development courses designed to assist K12 teachers in mastering content for new assignments and highly-qualifying upon passing the subject-specific and state subject-area exam (the cost of which is covered through these courses).

Benefits of such a continuing education program for teachers

The positive effects and benefits for teachers as a result of implementing this subject-specific online continuing education program with subject-specific instructional materials and subject-specific mentoring teacher access are:

  1. Teachers entering the profession from schools of education (approximately 60% of teachers) and those who have been recruited to enter the teaching field from other occupations (alternative certification, the remaining approximately 40%) will have access, not previously available, to online continuing education courses specific to the subject matter courses that have been assigned to a teacher for the first time;
  2. Experienced teachers who may have been successful in achieving student learning gains over the years but now have new assignments or are unavoidably assigned out of field;
  3. Enabling teachers to have a more positive effect in the classroom and improve student learning in a subject the teacher has never taught before;
  4. As decades of research have shown, better qualified teachers lead to improved student achievement, learning and outcomes including graduation rates, college and workforce readiness;
  5. Less teacher stress, frustration and a slowing of the loss of teachers to other professions.

Why take these courses?

100% of teachers have a new assignment at some point, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher. In most states you need the equivalent of 6 credit hours to be recertified every few years. Why not take a course that matches your daily teaching responsibilities, prepares you to be highly-effective in the subject and awards 60 hours in-service points (the equivalent of 3 continuing education units) toward recertification?* This is a practical, economical and convenient, "just-in-time" solution to prepare for a new assignment and add points toward license renewal.

*Check with your state regulations to confirm that these continuing education units or in-service points will be allowed toward teacher license renewal. In Florida, enrolling in Option A of these courses includes the appropriate subject-area teacher certification exam and fee. A passing numerical score on the FTCE (Florida subject area exam) specific to the coverage to be pursued or renewed is equivalent to three (3) semester hours of college credit for renewal purposes toward the 6 required for recertification every 5 years.  Additionally, both Option A and B award 60 hours in-service points (the equivalent of 3 CEU's), separate and apart from the 3 credits awarded for the FTCE.  Note that although the 60 hours awarded by the Division of Continuing Education for these courses are not specifically college credit, they may be accepted by your district as part of their Master Inservice Plan (MIP) for the purpose of fulfilling license renewal requirements.  Check with your district for confirmation of credit through their MIP. Option B for any course is the same except it does not include the FTCE (good for teachers who do not require the FTCE).

What is included?

Included is everything a teacher new to a course would typically need to prepare themselves for the whole school year: Teacher Manual with instructional support material that includes syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, class notes (editable PowerPoints for lecture support), complete student activity book or lab manual, editable assessments and key, and subject-specific mentoring teacher access. Below you will find links to the subject areas offered and, beyond that, links to the specific courses within those subject areas:

Tuition assistance in paying for these courses may be obtained through alternative funding sources. Please contact your School District Federal Funds Director for availability of tuition reimbursement through Titles 1, 2a or 5.

Why take these courses

100% of teachers have a new assignment at some point, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher. Some unavoidable assignments are even out-of-field. These courses will be helpful even if you have a collegiate background yet have never taught the course before. They will be particularly beneficial if you are assigned to teach a subject or subjects for which you do not have a collegiate major or minor. In either case, the goal of these courses is to provide the strategies, tools and mentoring for you to become not only highly-qualified but also set you on a path to be a highly-effective teacher of any of these subjects.

How You Will Benefit (What you will receive)

Complete, sequential, day-to-day map through the teaching of the course(s) in your classroom with editable instructional support materials and mentoring teacher access.  Note: If your district requires a certain sequence, the materials provided can be rearranged to suit. Additionally, these "how to teach this subject" courses are designed for use with any textbook you have been assigned.

What You Will Learn

Who Should Enroll

Course Goals