Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training

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Textbooks included in the bundle package: 

  • Dee Levgold and Kristi Salisbury, 2015, Foodservice Management -- By Design
    • ​ISBN: 978-0-9825884-3-7
  • Julie Zikmund, 2015, Nutrition Fundamentals and Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • ​ISBN: 0982588444
Syllabus: Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Syllabus
Course Access: Self-paced course with 15 months of access

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Our ANFP-approved Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training is designed for working professionals looking to prepare for the Certified Dietary Manager/Certified Food Protection Professional credentialing exam. The program meets the ANFP requirements for 120 hours of online didactic information and 150 hours of field experiences. More Information


The University of Florida Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training is an ANFP-approved training program for professionals who are looking to take the CDM/CFPP credentialing exam. The course consists of at least 120 hours of online classroom training and 150 hours of appropriately precepted field experiences.

Of the 150 field expereince hours, students need 50 of those hours directly precepted (25 hours are non-nutrition-related field expereince and 25 hours are nutrition-related field expereince). Each student is required to find a preceptor to coordinate all the field expereince hours and to directly supervise 50 of those hours.

The preceptor:

  • Is a Registered Dietitian (RD), or a state approved Licensed Dietitian (LD)
  • Has six months of experience related to the subject matter
  • Has at least one year of full-time employment

If the RD or LD cannot be a preceptor for all the field experience, a Certified Dietary Manager/Certified Food Protection Professional (CDM/CFPP) or Dietary Technician Registered (DTR) may oversee the 25 hours of non-nutrition-related field experience (only an RD or equivalent can oversee nutrition related field experience).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a preceptor?

Preceptors are typically found in the organization that endorses the student. The facility is normally responsible for paying the preceptor for these services.If you do not find a qualified individual in your organization that agrees to the guidelines you can search the following places for a qualifying preceptor:

  1. Check the surrounding areas for Public Health and Healthcare facilities that employ RDN or LDs
  2. Talk to local RDN or LD organizations
  3. Local colleges with dietetic programs

Note: In some cases, the student will be responsible to pay the preceptor.

Can I have lessons waived per my experience?

No, all lessons are required to be completed to better prepare you for the ANFP Credentialing Exam and for your professional development.

Do I have to be a resident in the state of Florida?

No, you do not need to be a resident of Florida.

What states will my certificate be recognized?

When you successfully pass the national certification exam and become a CDM/CFPP, your CDM/CFPP is recognized in all 50 states.

Do I need an RDN or LD?

Yes, you must have a RDN or LD to coordinate the entire course, and the RDN or LD must spend 50 contact hours with you,one to one, to cover all of the patient care information.

Does UF provide Preceptors?

No, we do not offer preceptor services at this time.

Earning & Maintaining Your CDM/CFPP Credential:

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